Bundle Up and Come Workout with Us for FREE

Getting motivated to exercise in the cold weather can be difficult – even for those who make activity a daily part of their lives.
That’s why Cheryl Borecky, owner/operator of Go Active wants to make being active outside fun and easy, even in the winter months. To do that, she has started Project Go Active with the goal of removing some of the barriers that prevent people from following through on their good intentions to exercise.
Project Go Active is a free 30-minute workout, run twice a month by Borecky. The workouts are out in the Trenton community, in locations such as Hanna Park or Mount Pelion. Participants can be any age, any fitness level, and there is no equipment needed.
By running free classes, Borecky is removing the financial barrier that can keep people from joining fitness groups. And by running the classes at 7a.m. on Saturday mornings, she is attempting to remove the scheduling barriers that prevent people from finding time.
“Often I’ll promote my other Go Active programs and people will say, ‘I love the idea but I can’t afford it, or it doesn’t fit into my schedule.’ With Project Go Active, anyone can join me for a free 30-minute workout and get it out of the way first thing in the morning. It’s rain or shine and kids are welcome to join their parents,” said Borecky.
Go Active is an outdoor adventure company that runs Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons and tours in the summer, snowshoe adventures in the winter, and indoor and outdoor ParentFit classes year round.
Borecky is aware of similar free workout projects across Canada and the U.S. that have seen great success. Some projects in larger urban areas have groups of volunteers who run daily free workouts with more than 200 people attending. She plans to expand Project Go Active by getting other fitness trainers in the area involved and having more frequent workouts, in various locations.
Since moving to Trenton from Alberta four years ago, Borecky has found winter can be a challenging time for people in this area. “People stop being active as the winter comes and the days get shorter. I also feel my motivation start to wane this time of year. But to set my alarm and know that there are five or 50 people waiting for me, that’s motivating.”
Just like Go Active’s ParentFit classes, Project Go Active focuses on functional fitness and the movements can be modified based on skill level or injuries. Classes may involve running, climbing the Mount Pelion stairs, doing squats, push-ups, or burpees, or even using the play structure at Hanna Park in unique ways to get a sweat going.
“Project Go Active is a great initiative to encourage everyone to move their bodies,” said Leslie Beatty, a Project Go Active participant. “Whether you are a beginner who needs a push to get started, or an active person just looking for something new to try, it is an excellent workout!”
“It’s all about providing people with that extra motivation to get outside,” said Borecky. “People are deterred by the cold, but as long as you dress warmly, there’s no reason you can’t get out there.”
There is no registration required. Just show up in warm, comfortable clothes, wear sturdy running shoes and bring water. All details can be found on the Go Active website – www.goactiveontario.ca. If you have questions or are a trainer who wants to volunteer to join the project, e-mail info@goactiveontario.ca.