Meet Our People Series

Name: Patty Patterson

Age:  38 years young 😉

How long have you been with Go Active and which programs have you tried?

I’ve been with Go Active since the beginning! I started Parentfit in 2014 and never looked back! Lucky for me, I have not had to move over the years. I have participated in SUPfit, and Snowfit and my daughter has also participated in SUP Youth Camp.

 What are three words fellow ParentFitters would use to describe you?

Small, mighty, and determined.

What food can you never say no too?

I love all food! However, if I had to pick one my sushi 🙂

What are your favourite and least favourite workout movements?

My favourite movements are heavy lifts: I like the challenge of seeing how far my body will go. And those damn animal warm-ups are my least fav!

What do you love best about Go Active?

So many to choose from! First, l love and trust the guidance, knowledge, and encouragement that my coaches provide. I love my Parentfit family: a strong and amazing group of parents that are all willing to help each other through all the struggles. Being a military wife, I also like that my kids are welcome to come along with me.

What advice would you give to others interested in getting involved with Go Active classes?

I tell everyone interested in their health and fitness to try a class and meet Cheryl, because they won’t regret it! It is the least intimidating environment I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging! Anyone can do it, and everyone will be surprised at what they can do! You just have to give yourself a chance!