Meet Our People Series

Name: Jennifer Callahan

If you care to share, what is your age? And how old are your kids? I am a young and active 45…. only halfway done this life!  My two kiddos are 13 and 16.  Lauren & Mia.

What is your profession? And how busy does your work get?  I am a sales rep for a medical device company- which has me on the road daily and away from home often.  It’s busy- but I take it in stride and love making a difference is so many people’s lives.

What is your favourite physical activity to do outdoors?  Definitely stand up paddle boarding (with Cheryl at Supfit, or at my cottage at Thompson Point).

What is one adventure you are most looking forward to this coming year?  The adventure of travel- heading to 5 European countries this summer with my family!  Can’t wait to make precious memories with my girls.

What is your favourite healthy food and your favourite treat food?  Anything Mexican is my fave, especially if it involves avocado! My treat- a glass of wine (preferably enjoyed with friends!)

What is your favourite workout movement?  Rowing! But I love the variety of a great Go Active workout which keeps me motivated and coming back for more.

How did you get involved with Go Active programs?  I took what I thought was a risk 2 years ago- and joined Cheryl at a Hannah Park outdoor workout. I thought for sure I’d be the slowest, the weakest, and the most out of shape. I was- lol- but it absolutely didn’t matter because the group was so supportive, and every movement had options for those of us new to the game.

What impact has Go Active had on your life?  Hard to put into words the amazing impact Go Active has had on me. I am physically stronger and much healthier for it. The workouts are amazing (indoor and outdoor workouts, Supfit, Snowshoe fitness, Mt Pelion stair workouts…) But the Facebook on-line programs Cheryl offers have been beyond helpful with nutrition advice, 7 day challenges, and live educational sessions as well. Mentally- all of this combined has benefited me dramatically. My stress levels have been much improved, and I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.

What advice would you give to others that may be nervous about trying any of the Go Active programs?  Oh my- just do it!  You will not find a more supportive group of workout “friends”.  We all are at different life stages (new parents to grandparents!) and workout stages- but we all show up, and are better for it because of Cheryl.  Cheryl has created an amazing atmosphere of respect, support and encouragement that will motivate you each time you go…..because even showing up to a class is better than staying home on the couch.