Meet Our People Series

Name: Trish Lord

If you care to share, what is your age? And how old are your kids? I am 42. Sebastien is 8 and Tia is 4.

What is your profession and how busy does your work get?  I own Trish Lord Accounting & More. I am a bookie, tax preparer, budget analyzer, consultant etc. etc. During tax season (Feb-mid June) it is insane. The rest of the year is actually pretty relaxed (by relaxed I mean I am full time by any other standard).

Were you physically active your whole life? If not, how did you get started? No I havent been consistantly. 20 and younger i was a figure skater, soccer/volleyball/basketball player. From 20-40 i was inactive in a big way. I met Cheryl in early 2014. In early 2015 i had gastric bypass and after i had lost almost 100lbs i started Parentfit classes.

Where is your favourite place to unwind from the daily grind?  Lord Point. Our paradise in the form of a cottage.

What is a new favourite healthy food and what is one food you can’t live without? Avocado and cheese please.

What is your least favourite workout movement?  It might be a shorter answer if you ask me what movements I like haha!! But if I must pick just one…..burpees….no manmakers….wait maybe turkish getups…oh lunges….or anything animal. You pick…I can’t!!! (I strongly dislike having to answer this question. Not because I have a long list but because somehow I feel like these will all be part of the workout tomorrow!)

How did you get involved with Go Active programs? Cheryl believed in me. She helped me see that I could do the modified movements even at 350lbs. Then she supported my love of water and got me on a sup board.

What impact has Go Active had on your life? Go Active has inspired me and proven to me that once you get with the right coach/the right community/the right environment, you can reach your goals. You can be who you really want to be.

What advice would you give to others that may be nervous about trying any of the Go Active programs?  Gosh…come try it! Not one of us confidently walked thru that door on day one. Its intimidating but come…I will be your partner and then u will see how truly strong you are!!