Choose your own adventure

Go Active strives to inspire people of all ages through high quality outdoor adventures, and activity programs. As a leader in the industry we are committed to exceeding customer expectations in providing community-focused, professional, safe and fun programs for everyday people.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Join one of our programs today!

What to bring/wear to our programs

ParentFit programs:

  • Comfortable workout clothing & runners (wear layers)
  • Water and snacks (for kids and you!)
  • A blanket, and toys (some shared toys are available in the kids area)

SUP & Snowshoe programs:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water and snacks
  • Headlamp (evening programs only)
  • A towel and a change of warm clothes for your drive home (SUP)
  • Comfortable workout clothing with lot’s of layers:
    • SUP: brimmed hat; a swimsuit, with board shorts and a long/short sleeve dry fit or similar t-shirt on top.
    • Snowshoe: toque, warm gloves, a waterproof shell for top & bottom and/or stretchy thick pants, plus a warm upper mid-layer, and long underwear/base layers
  • A backpack style carrier is required if you are bringing a young child on a snowshoe program
  • Sturdy winter boots are mandatory for snowshoe programs, water shoes are optional for SUP’ing (most people like barefeet)
  • If you are participating in a family program with children under 60 lbs, you will need to provide your own approved lifejackets for them

SUPFIT Programs:

  • Workout clothes (a combo of a bathing suit, shorts or tights, & t-shirts/tank top. You WILL get wet and you will move LOTS so make sure it all fits well!)
  • Extra layers for post workout & a towel
  • Runners that you aren’t bothered if they get wet (outdoor classes)
  • Plastic Water Bottle (it is humid in the pools)

SnowshoeFit programs:

  • Winter running type clothing: long underwear, tights or light ski pants, a few layers on-top with a waterproof jacket (you will be sweating, so layers are key!)
  • Light winter boots or runners (you will be running/moving in those snowshoes so comfortability is key)
  • Water

Program inclusions:

All specialized equipment including paddleboards, paddles, leashes and PFD’s, snowshoes, and fitness equipment, are included in the program cost.

Weather Conditions:

Mother nature will be the one thing we cannot control for our outdoor programs. We do go out in a variety of conditions even light rain or snow. Thunderstorms, heavy winds and snowstorms and temperatures below -20 (with the windchill) make things a little more difficult. In these instances, the weather will either be waited out if possible, or programs will be rescheduled. Depending on the program, weather calls are made by the led coach/guide/instructor at least 2 hours prior to the program start.

Program Refunds:

Programs will be refunded in-full minus an administration fee when cancelled 5 business days prior to the program start. No refunds will be given after this date unless for medical reasons (doctors note required).

Please feel free to request the program handbook if you would like to review full company policies and procedures.