ParentFit Program

Indoor Year-round Classes

ParentFit is a strength and conditioning fitness program just for parents. These classes are dedicated to pre-natal moms and post-natal parents of ALL ages and fitness abilities. We have off the couch/never worked out to marathon runners, grandma’s, first time moms and everything in-between!

Each ParentFit class includes a warm-up, a strength & skills component, and an individually scaled workout. Life as a parent can be hectic at the best of times, and we believe it’s important to use our workouts to help you have more stamina and strength to ‘compete’ in everyday life.

Location Details

Crossfit Trent: 99 Dufferin Avenue, Trenton

Crossfit Stratos: 45 Lahr Dr, Belleville

CFB Trenton Recplex: 21 Naomi Dr, Trenton

Program Times

One hour classes:

Trenton: Tuesday’s 9:30am, Wednesday’s 5:30pm, Thursday’s 9:30am, Friday’s 9:30am, & Sunday’s 8:30am (Wednesday’s and Sunday’s move outside during the summer)

Belleville: Sunday’s at 9:00am


Outdoor Late Spring to Early Fall Classes

Our Outdoor version of ParentFit classes combines elements of full body fitness, plyometrics, trail walking/running and yoga mobility in one fun workout. Whenever possible we use the natural environment in place of resistance bands and running tracks and we use our bodies (and babies) in place of barbells and weight machines.

Location Details & Program Times

Trenton’s Hanna Park (occasionally Mt. Pelion!): Wednesday’s @ 5:30pm


Monthly Membership Cost

Once a week membership: $50 (includes tax)

Twice a week membership: $90 (includes tax)

Three times a week membership: $120 (includes tax)

Four times a week membership: $150 (includes tax)

Drop-in class: $15 (Please email us for drop-in availability)


BOOK NOW by visiting our calendar of programs and clicking your drop-in or monthly membership start date. The system will walk you through your registration and payment options from there. Can’t wait to get you moving soon!