Pushing the envelope

Running a marathon is kind of like having a baby (and I can say that because I have had one ;)). Months ahead you anticipate and run through what the day will be like. You prep yourself physically and emotionally. You pack a bag. You have a solid support team. You try to sleep as the days approach (but you can’t). You’re nervous and excited all the same.

And then race day gets here and everything gets thrown out the window.

The first hour is a breeze. The energy cubes taste sweet and the water is refreshing. You think you got this in the bag. But by km 30 the last thing you want is a supporter cheering you on, someone passing you yet another gel, and all you really want is the drugs – the good stuff.

And then before you know it, it’s all over. You stumble pass the finish line with your prize in hand, half conscious, beat up and exhausted beyond words.

The days pass and everyone congratulates you….AND  asks when your going do your next one. And as the weeks pass, the memories of the pain and anguish drift off and you wonder if it was all that bad and if maybe, just maybe, you should in fact consider another.

The fact is I won’t (neither more marathons or more children ;)). But what I won’t stop doing is pushing myself, pursuing lofty goals and trying new ways to get their. It had been a long time since I had set a bigger goal and worked hard at it. 4 plus years in fact or BC (before Chason). Time just got away on me. Which it has a way of doing for all of us. And one thing this marathon really taught me was that it doesn’t matter how busy you are in life, there is always enough hours in the day to do the things that truly matter to you. And I know that life is too short to wait to feel my body and mind accomplish great things and to really push the envelope of life.