GoActive Ontario

We are passionate about human movement,

and its positive effects connecting the body, mind and spirit.

GoActive and its people are engaged, supportive and participants with each other and their active living endeavors, in the local community, and various sports & recreation organizations and other community groups; We have always had, and always will have a community focused and value based vision of unity and stewardship.

We are located in some of the most southern areas of Canada.  Operating in the heart of the Bay of Quinte region means we are surrounded by clean and accessible water and land features. This means we have not only diverse geography, but excellent weather In four very predictable seasons to plan and conduct our programs in. Where other Canadians may be putting on toques in May, and lacing up and mukluks by late September, you can often find us comfortable to paddle on our warm shallow waters, pushing our fitness that little bit more, or playing while connecting with our natural environment year round.

GoActive Ontario’s mission is to lead, inspire and influence active living, in the Bay of Quinte and surrounding regions., with an aim to be the premier choice in outdoor recreation, fitness and active living.

GoActive’s program sizes are never more than 10 people to one leader. This means a more connected approach to our program delivery, allowing us to divide our time to your efforts more effectively. Our group of leaders have diverse expertise, experience and competencies required to design and deliver quality programming, responsive to our clients best interests.

GoActive with us, and experience our passion for yourself!

Because, we were ALL BORN TO MOVE!

The Team

GoActive’s instructors and leaders are normal people, believing and practicing moderation in all things. We lead this by example, knowing flexibility and adaptation is a pillar to a solid foundation of success. We bring together a staff with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. We place ourselves along a spectrum of humble beginnings of new opportunities, to success at the highest levels of performance; The people of GoActive are confident in self,open to experience, and truly compliment one another to smooth out the corners and ensure the very best is considered and conducted for you, our client.