April is Cancer awareness month

The effects of this disease, are close to my heart.

I have lost family to this disease, and now at 40, I find myself going through the treatments so many others have gone through.

I’m half way through my treatments and I can’t think of anything that I could have done differently in my life
To prevent this. My belief is that cancer is something that’s inside of some of us, and it comes into our lives
when it’s ready.

Cancer does not discriminate. Young, old, healthy, or fit. It will come out when it is ready. It is out of our control. But what we can control is the way we handle it. I chose to handle it as the cards I have been dealt, and they are mine to play.

The day I found out I was not in shock, angry or mad. More than anything I was surprised that I got it at the age of 40. You see I have four sisters and with our family history one of us was more than likely to get it. But not at this age. The day was also a Stormy Southern Ontario Winter day, with my Mother-in-law, not sure if we’d make it back home. How Poetic.

I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 anal cancer. Yes you read it right. There is a natural stigma about it, what risks can lead to it… and I’m not ashamed to say I have it. As a matter of fact my friends and I “crack” jokes about it all the time. And I’m “positive” there will be many more to come. What I really want to share with you, is the way I’m dealing with it.

What helps me throuought this whole process is keeping my active lifestyle, which has been a part of my life ever since I was
able to walk (My Mamusa would suggest MUCH before!). Many caring people around me keep telling me to slow down, and I hear and feel their concern for me. But the truth is I know my body better than anyone else. I’ve made adjustments, and I rest more in between, but I’m still active. And I’m not changing that. My body is capable of so much, and it can take what my mind gives it. Knowing before the Doctors diagnosed me, they support that the big plus on my side is my health, fitness, and youth. And I truly believe theat.

Death has not even crossed my mind. I truly believe my journey of life has just started, and this just another leg. This is a mountain that I have been given to climb, and I’m halfway through the treatment path, with a laser focus on the peak. But not before the recovery route. Which I WILL go through to summit.

I can only think of the Spartan obstacle course race series which started as one race, then two, then a Trifecta (Thanks for the introduction honey… despite the seething pain and hate in my legs after race 1. Happy Anniversary it was). Two years in a row. Like then, it will be a challenge to get to the top, but mark my words once I’m there I’ll be FLYING on the way down to the Finish line (I’ve still got my legs!).

And my supporters, my family (including this GoActive family), are right beside me, much like they were when I raced.

In this short time, I have met so many inspirational clients, with their own personal mountains, throughout all of this. Clients that I have developed a deep connection with. I can’t express enough how that makes my Heart Sing.

Thank You so much for all the Support.

I have ass cancer. Now, Let’s get on with it.



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